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Popcorn fundraiser available!





How it works:

Decide your type of fundraiser (Brochure only, Combo Brochure and Online)

  1. Fill out the fundraising form below.

  2. We will send out pre-printed brochure and customer order forms to your group.
    If you select Combo we will set up your personalized online order page.

  3. Your group will have a custom link and a QR code to share with online supporters.

  4. Brochure orders will be shipped free to commercial address at the end of fundraiser.

  5. Direct shipments for online orders available for $8.99 per order.

  6. Sell a 6 cup bag for $10. group gets $5, a 12 cup bag for $14 & keep $7.

  7. Orders packed by flavor. Packed by seller for large orders.

  8. Online orders can be delivered with group order for free at end of fundraiser.

  9. Updated online sales report availble by request.

  10. Easy payout options for online sales.